Saturday, August 1, 2009

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an excellent software which has many unique features those are not available in other Web Browsers.

The user Interface of Google Chrome is very simple with no much commands, menus and tool bars. Every thing was put into one box. This enables to give the full & clear view of a web page. The entire Google Chrome interface looks clean & simple.

The speed of retrieving the webpage by Google Chrome is really amazing while starting, loading, etc. Google Chrome has its internal Chrome Process Manager which manages memory & multiple processes efficiently. This increases the speed and performance of the browser. By pressing SHIFT + ESC or by selecting from the 'Control page - menu' we can see the Task Manager which would show the Memory Space occupied by each and every page.

Multiple Tabs options are available to ease while browsing 2 or more page simultaneously. More over tabs supports Drag & Drop option. By dragging a tab out we can bring the whole tab as a new window. Likewise we can de-attach a tab from one Chrome Window and can attach it to another Chrome window.

Omni Box
Address (URL) bar in the Chrome is called as "Omni Box". It not only acts as a address bar, also acts as a Google Search Box. There is no need to go to a search engine first to search the information. We can type the keywords directly in the Omni Box and it lists the results in the browser. Ain't it saves our time?

Google Chrome has 100% inbuilt security features that fights threats. It protects from malware getting in & installed in our system. So what ever data we feed in the webpages of Google Browser, can't be stolen. Google Chrome maintains its own databases of Phishing and Malware sites which is downloaded from web. Chrome checks each and every websites we visit by matching it to that database and alerts us if it was found to be a Phishing or Malware sites.

Incognito Mode
Google Chrome offers a facility to browse web pages without leaving any traces in the Computer. What ever the web pages we view, its History or cookies will not get stored in our Computer. This gives an oppurtunity to protect our privacy.

Download Manager
Google Chrome has its own inbuilt download manager which helps in downloading files from websites. When we started downloading a file, the progress would be shown in the bottom left of the Chrome Window. We can also open the download Manager in new tab from the Menu or by pressing CTRL + J.

Only very few features of the Google Chrome was given here as we need much stuffs to write every thing about Google Chrome.

Hope that this post would make every reader to accept the greatfulness of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is 100% free open source with licenced to public. Anybody can download it, use it, modify it and distribute for free.

To download Google Chrome, visit :

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