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Really an amazing software this is. This reduces much of your burden in signing in and form filling excercises during web browsing.

While browsing the web we need to come accross many pages that would ask to fill in some of our person details, login IDs and passwords to use their services. It those circumstances most of the details are the same and we are filling it again and again and it is clear cut of waste of time.

Yet another solution was already arrived (OpenID) and being implemented but not followed by all the websites.

Hence we can have this program which offers the job of doing form filling and signing in activities in almost for every websites in a secure manner.

We should download and install this protable application in our system. Once it was done we should give the IDs and passwords to this program of our favorite websites. Those websites we become member after installing this software would be taken care by the application itself by prompting and asking to store those login details are not. This will be monitored by the Roboform Toolbar which would be installed in the webbrowser at the time of installing the application.

These IDs and passwords are stored in the system in encripted mode hence no one or no software can hack it.

All these details are protected by a common master password that we should feed it to the program.

While we are getting entered we should login into this program and we should select the particular stored login ID details to login to the website.

Apart from storing of login details of various websites, it also can store details of various identities. That means we can create various identities for ourself and fill the details like name, address, contact numbers etc respectively. While becoming a member in a website, we should select the desired identity and the details would be filled in the signup form automatically.

The benifits of RoboForm are:
  1. Manages Passwords and Login Activities automatically.
  2. Fills long signup and check out form with one click.
  3. Stores passwords in encrypted mode.
  4. Random Passwords generation options to maximize password strength
  5. Fights phishing and enters passwords only on matching websites.
  6. Defeats keyloggers by not using the keyboard to enter the password.
  7. Bakup options of the passwords and can be copied between system.

Apart from Computer sytems, Robo Form is also available for Mobile Phones and PDAs.

Roboform is a Freeware with conditions. For details and download please visit the URL given below:

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