Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pegtop Pstart

There are millions of Computer users in the world.

But how many of them had focused on the usefulness of the Start Menu?

Since the programs and other shortcuts had got effectively organized in the Start Menu, you feel easy in accessing your computer. Really the Start Menu had reduced much of your burden.

Consider a user interface which does not have the Start Menu. Try working in your Computer without using the Start Menu. How difficult you feel?

Start Menu is such a helpful feature.

A program called "Pegtop Pstart" is available for Free. You can download and install the program in your Computer.

It creates another Start Menu like button in the Tray. You can put the Programs, Folders, Files etc that you use frequently, in this menu and can access it by one click on the button. I am using this for utleast 6 months and really experiencing the goodness of it.

Hope that you would also require one and the same can be obtained from below URL.

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