Monday, March 2, 2009

Avast Antivirus Free Home Edition

Why spend money to buy Antivirus Software for home use?

Avast Free Home Edition Antivirus Software is a good and non-commercial freeware suitable and trustable for home use. It has many useful futures same like other non-free brands.

Some of its features are:
  1. It has a built in Anti-spyware software which is very effective and crushes all the spywares along with the viruses and ensures data safety. So there is no need to go for a sepearate Anti-spyware.
  2. Another noteable feature is Built in Anti-rootkits. Rootkits are hidden programs which automatically gets installed and keeps its activity hidden from normal scanning process. Best is to have Avast like program which is having built in facility to kill all this notorious programs which is a great threat for our Computer.
  3. There are some viruses which would even disable the Anti-virus softwares which is running on the system. Avast has a great self protection system to ensure protection from such threats.
  4. AVAST's user interface is very easy to use. Other notable features are Realtime Memory Resident Scanning, Network Sheild, Web Sheild, Automatic Updates etc. Avast is very user friendly and really would be a favorite for its users.

What about trying it?

Just free download it! Install it! Only thing is you should obtain Registration once in a year. Just Check it!

Download Link:

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